COURTBOX 1760 is a three story family house designed using 6 shipping containers to create a 4 bedroom, 3 bathroom house with open plan living in 1760 square feet of habitable space. COURTBOX 1760, the containers are arranged in a courtyard layout in three wings. COURTBOX 1760 front wing has a single 40 foot and 20 foot container accommodating a 2 car garage and a guest bedroom. COURTBOX 1760 second wing comprises of two 40 foot containers accommodating open plan living with kitchen, dining and lounge. COURTBOX 1760 third wing comprises of two 40 footers accommodating a 2 bedrooms with a shared bathroom and a master bedroom. In addition, watch a complete tour the tour of the house with full colour interior images and floor plans Here>>>>>>. For more inspiration, Check out other Amazing shipping container homes designs Here>>>>>